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2012 online Shenzhen company and fast Hui Bao Association Annual Meeting

On 2012, 01, 09, Shenzhen interconnect online Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was contacted with Shenzhen Kuai Hui Bao Information Technology Co., Ltd. in Shenzhen Dongmen original concert hall to hold the 2011 Annual friendship annual meeting.

左一互联在线执行董事周总 右一快汇宝董事长叶总 新年致词

New year's new year's speech by Ye Zong, chairman of the executive director of the Internet on the left


The first show on the Internet java development group, Shanghai black big, neck surrounded by white toilet paper, hand with water gun...互联在线开发部出演江湖斧头邦

The online Development Department of the Internet is acting as a Jianghu axe state快乐单唱和同事们的伴舞

Happy single colleagues sing dance


After drinking a bottle of beer, the fastest prize was won. When 6 colleagues came to the stage, they knew they were milk cakes, and they didn't finish drinking for 15 minutes.


Exciting link, all N awards, cash card sponsorship from quick Hui Bao Zhi tour card


Thanksgiving link此次组织的聚会共出演了30多个游戏和娱乐节目

The party had a total of more than 30 games and entertainment programs.


Quick Hui Bao, online 2011 Annual Conference Program