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Online sponsorship of the 2012 meeting of the Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Association

In celebrating the joy of the new year, the association in January 8, 2012 at Sheraton DAZHONGHUA successfully held the "Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Association 2012 Carnival and 2011 members of the General Assembly" invited leaders, members, corporate guests a total of more than 360 people, the scene grand, lively atmosphere, to bring the first upsurge of 2012 e-commerce development. Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Association, honorary president Zheng Liangyu, honorary president Xia Deming, Shenzhen Branch Trade and industry letter to deputy director Jia Xingdong, Lu Jian, Shenzhen City Folk Organization Management Bureau deputy director Sun Jingming, Li Wenhai, director of market supervision administration of electronic commerce department director Xu Guoqi, deputy director of Feng Nianwen, and the district science and Technology Bureau Director, deputy director attended the event the following year, and this will give a high evaluation.


Zhou Ming, general manager of Internet online (left four)