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Internet technology innovation award in Shenzhen

The Spring Tea Association of the Shenzhen Internet technology application association was held in the afternoon of February 18th in the Futian international e-commerce Industrial Park. About 150 delegates from Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association, leaders of relevant government functions, Internet industry elites, industry experts and major Internet media attended the conference.

President Wei Yabo summarized and analyzed the new trend of the development of Shenzhen Internet industry e-commerce industry in 2011, and made clear the development direction and service concept of the association. Secretary General Chen Cheng briefed the meeting on the new session of the Secretariat of the association work direction and key points of Construction: Shenzhen has the characteristics of the Internet e-commerce marketing service mode, grasp the new trend of e-commerce transformation of traditional enterprises, to support the rapid development of the Internet industry, bring new opportunities for the development of Shenzhen Internet industry, enhance the development of the member strength. At the same time, the association will make more than 30 enterprises and outstanding contribution for the Internet industry in the year 2011 were commended, in order to encourage the integrity of business Internet business, build Shenzhen Internet brand, to become the Internet industry credit system and the implementation of defenders, promote the harmonious and rapid development of the Internet industry health.

The members of the Association presented a wonderful performance of art shows. Shenzhen Internet entrepreneurs gathered together, making use of this opportunity to increase mutual understanding and communication between enterprises through communication and communication. The spring tea of the Shenzhen Internet Technology Association in 2012 was successfully completed in a warm and friendly atmosphere.