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Internet has become Microsoft's strategic partner of China's corporate email.

Microsoft Corp has been on the rise since its entry into the Chinese market. Recently, as Microsoft Corp's China agent, Internet online and Microsoft jointly launched Microsoft business post office.

Internet is one of Microsoft's most important hosting partners, and it is also one of the service providers of the Microsoft Hosted Exchange managed post office program, which covers 400 thousand enterprise customers in the Chinese market by Microsoft. As the general agent of the mainland China region, which is sold by the Microsoft hosting license SPLA (service provider agreement), it has many years of promotion experience for Microsoft hosting solutions. In the past 4 years, it has provided the most optimal managed (lease) software solutions for the vast number of operators and end-users.

Microsoft has a lot of advanced technology, products and experience in the field of "software + service" hosting service. The Internet has a strong local technology, rich service development, marketing and application experience and a large number of users. The combination of the strength and strength of the two of us will certainly attract more excellent partners. At the same time, the next generation of "software + service" trust service platform can make a substantial contribution to the information of the large and medium sized enterprises in China.

"Microsoft is committed to the growth of the" software + services "industry, providing ISV with a world - class infrastructure, advisory services and cooperation to help them succeed in the growing 'software + services' and network applications. Microsoft China Telecom and general manager of media business, Jin Bole, said: "Microsoft and Internet online in the" software + services "joint efforts can help hosting providers to integrate their management infrastructure, services, traditional technology and business, design guidance to help China's ISV implementation of the" software + service "application model.

Microsoft and the Internet announced on line for small and medium sized enterprises and agents to launch the first enterprise post office star product based on Microsoft Hosted Exchange, "Ray Mail". Microsoft Hosted Exchange provides some advanced features that can improve enterprise productivity, such as synchronous mail, files, calendars, and contacts; advanced Web mail; a shared calendar that allows employees to understand colleagues' trips or rearrange meetings; book conference rooms and arrange projects; create distribution "work sheets" and share with colleagues. Rui mail has five functions: supporting mobile office, supporting multi lingual, supporting cooperative office, supporting overseas forwarding, and mobile phone anti-theft. Its design helps enterprises to deploy their mailboxes easily, efficiently and economically.

Rui mail also provides services based on Microsoft Exchange Hosted Filtering. It can provide a variety of filtering functions, which can implement various security functions, such as virus protection, spam filtering, disaster recovery, strategy allocation, real-time tracking and reporting of information, to help users reduce their risks before the advent of various network threats, reduce their investment, reduce overall cost of ownership, improve the productivity of the company, and concentrate more IT resources on it He has a more value-added effect.

Believe that the Internet is carefully built, the Microsoft post office will present new functions and technologies in front of the customers, and bring convenience to the development and progress of the enterprise.