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Internet online sponsorship Java deep research and development books, proficient in Java Web integrated development (Sec

Internet online in 2010, sponsored Java in-depth research and development books, proficient in Java Web integrated development (JSP AJAX Struts Hibernate) (Second Edition) (including 1 DVD discs).

Proficient in Java Web integrated development (JSP AJAX Struts Hibernate>> content introduction:

This book introduces the lightweight Java EE application development technology combined with JSP, AJAX, Struts 2.1, Spring 3 and Hibernate 3.3. According to the different learning stages of readers, the four parts of basic articles, advanced articles, improving articles and practical articles are explained step by step.

Chapter 1~3 is the basic chapter, focusing on the advantages of the Java EE application development based on open source architecture and the installation and configuration of the development and operation environment, and the detailed introduction to the JSP 2 technology system; chapter 4~6 is an advanced chapter, focusing on the advanced technology of JSP 2 and the Web 2 core technology AJAX; chapter 7~12 is the improvement of the text, focusing on the classic MVC framework Struts 2.1 and Java lightweight. The magnitude framework Spring 3 and the ORM persistence framework Hibernate 3.3; chapter 13~17 as the practice article, taking "free e-commerce platform ePortal" as an example, the comprehensive application of the first three parts of the 12 chapters of the knowledge point, link each other, hand in hand to lead the reader into the hall of the Java EE application development. Finally, in order to meet the actual needs of business software developers, the case of Java EE application installation and packaging tool InstallAnywhere 2010 is also explained.

This book provides a set of practical mainstream development technologies for lightweight Java EE application developers, integrating into the Java EE application development experience for many years. Every knowledge point is explained by an example. Each instance provides a synchronous video tutorial, which greatly reduces the reader's learning cycle and reduces the difficulty of learning. The CD-ROM attached to books not only provides two hundred hours of video tutorials, but also provides the source code program of all examples and the installer of the software involved.

精通Java Web整合开发(第2版)
精通Java Web整合开发(第2版)

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