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The first online EMBA training class in Beijing University.

Peking University was founded in 1898. It was the first national comprehensive university in China. It was also the highest educational administration in China at that time. After the 1911 Revolution, from 1912 to now.

As the center of the new cultural movement and the origin of the "54" movement, as the earliest birthplace of the dissemination of Marx and democratic scientific ideas in China, as the earliest basis for the activities of the Communist Party of China, Peking University has made an irreplaceable contribution to the revitalization and liberation of the nation, the construction and development of the state, the civilization and progress of the society, and in the course of China's modernization. It has played an important vanguard role. The traditional spirit of patriotism, progress, democracy and science and diligent, rigorous, realistic and innovative style of study is here and there.

The first online EMBA training class in Beijing University.

Course content

The Internet EMBA module of Peking University

The confidence of the Internet enterprise leadership strategy and attitude management is more important than gold. The success of building the confidence of the Chinese Internet enterprises / the success of the Internet enterprise is the importance of the success / East and west model analysis / manager's main challenge / adjustment mentality / attitude towards the work / the ninth state of mind remolding itself.

North Internet EMBA module two

"Strategic management of Internet enterprises" the big strategy of the development of Internet enterprises: strategy / mechanism, procedure and system / learning strategy, the timing of research strategy / Internet enterprise / why to build a strategic decision making organization / how to operate the strategic / market reasoning thinking / modern strategy.

North Internet EMBA module three

"Internet enterprise corporate governance" Internet Co governance and the competitiveness of enterprises, between the two can be said to be a relationship between the process and the results, to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, the key is to prevent enterprises from major decision-making errors, and prevent major decision-making errors, the key to a sound corporate governance mechanism.

North Internet EMBA module four

The knowledge organization of the organizational behavior of the Internet enterprise will be the most competitive organization in the future. It will be the most competitive organization / understanding of self and analysis of others / people's differences and their managerial significance / moral standards and moral behavior / personality differences and their influence / how to influence others' attitude / how to motivate others / obtain power and influence / conflict and coordination.

North Internet EMBA module five

The strategic human resource management of the Internet enterprises "human based management / salary structure planning / human resources development and talent mechanism construction / recruitment and selection of professional managers / performance management and incentive system design / modern human resource management model / how to attract, retain and motivate talents.

North Internet EMBA module six

"Internet enterprise crisis management" what is the three big effect / crisis management strategy of crisis / crisis management strategy / crisis management strategy four words / crisis management methodology / mutual network era media crisis / crisis warning and Countermeasures / how to find business in crisis / how to carry out media public relations.

North Internet EMBA module seven

Internet enterprise marketing management: the mission and target / market segmentation of the Internet enterprise and target market selection / market positioning and product differentiation / product life cycle / product development and consumer demand / pricing and price strategy / channel management and customer relationship management / future marketing development.

North Internet EMBA module eight

"Efficient executive power and excellent leadership of the Internet enterprise" enterprise executive power molding / independent business personality is the key element to build the foundation of the executive team, the executive power of the individual and the organization, the executive ability of the executive and the executive power of the leading art / Wolf leadership in China, the driving force and direction of the executive force.

North Internet EMBA module nine

"Internet enterprise financial management and tax planning" through financial analysis, the in-depth problems existing in the business management of the Internet enterprises, improve the enterprise internal control system; the concept and methods of tax planning are applied to the enterprise strategy and the daily management of the various links, to improve the enterprise financial and tax system, reduce enterprise operation risk.

North Internet EMBA module ten

"Internet enterprise system operation sand drill" through the highly practical experience style management training courses, leaping from functional management to management management, from experience management to scientific management, so as to cultivate managers' overall awareness and system thinking ability, update decision-making model, and improve the pattern of thinking.