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Shenzhen Internet Conference and China Internet ten annual achievement tour held.

"2011 Shenzhen Internet Conference" and the ten year development of the Internet in China.


Scene of the conference

In July 14th, the ten year development stage of the Shenzhen Internet Conference and the Chinese Internet development stage was held in the public center. The Chinese Internet association brought the ten year development theme of the Chinese Internet. The curtain was opened for the conference. The "ten years of high singing and the development of China's interconnection for ten years" is a large exhibition. The Shenzhen line is based on the video and text, the theme speech, the special forum In the form of the 2000-2010 years of 2000-2010, China's Internet annual events and key contents, as well as the achievements of the development of the Internet in Shenzhen in the past ten years have been displayed in 360 degrees.


Speech by Gao Lu, vice director of the China Internet Association

Speech by Kuang Bing, deputy director of Shenzhen market supervision and Administration Bureau.深圳市互联网技术应用协会会长尉亚波致辞

Wei Yabo, President of Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association, addressed the address.南方民营科技研究院院长周万雄致辞

Zhou Wanxiong, President of the South private science and Technology Research Institute

At the meeting, the president of the Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association, Lieutenant president, explained to the conference the difficulties and efforts of the ten year development of the Internet in Shenzhen. The development of the Internet in Shenzhen has been greatly supported by the State Council and the Shenzhen municipal government. The total area of the 5 largest campus of the Shenzhen Internet area is 1 million 876 thousand square meters, more than 300 Internet enterprises are entering, and the employees in the park are nearly 9000 people, deep in the park. There are 800 thousand people in the Internet industry. In 2010, Shenzhen Internet industry revenue exceeded 35 billion yuan, many of which are well-known Internet company headquarters settled in Shenzhen. Shenzhen will become an Internet centric city in China, laying a solid foundation for the development of China's Internet industry. Under the joint testimony of China Internet association leaders, the launching ceremony of the 2011 China Online Commerce Fair was held.


2011 China Internet trade fair launch ceremony

The conference held more than 10 forum, innovative enterprise display and summit dialogue: Internet experts, academics, legal experts, entrepreneurs representatives, government officials, and government officials together on the Internet policy support, legal response and rights, technological innovation and application of the content of several aspects of the special answer. The representatives of the Internet companies actively participated in the active discussions and brought the conference to a climax.

The conference has been strongly supported by the China Internet association, the Shenzhen Municipal Science and technology industry and Trade Committee, the Shenzhen market supervision and Management Bureau, the science and technology and information management departments of Shenzhen districts, the enthusiastic participation of the Internet parks in Shenzhen and the vast majority of Shenzhen Internet enterprises, and the Association of the Shenzhen Internet technology application and the Shenzhen city of Qun Ying Network Information Technology Co., Ltd. Co - sponsored. The number of Internet enterprises reached more than 400, the number of participants broke through more than a thousand people, the meeting has a well-known Internet enterprise senior management, a line of technical personnel and so on, the scale of unprecedented, strong impact.