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The online high level participated in the Zheng Chengwu crisis public relations media field class.

Zheng Chengwu, media trainer, the Information Office of the State Council is in charge of the brand planner of China Administration, EMBA special professor at Peking University, a special researcher in the enterprise culture Specialized Committee of the China Cultural Research Association, the chief planner of the Zhejiang radio and Television Research Institute, and the chief planner of the China Petroleum OGSMPR project.

Crisis public relations management and media should deal with cutting-edge training pilots.

Crisis public relations management practical guidance expert!

Known as the "media anti missile" expert first!

Zheng Chengwu graduated from Journalism Department of Renmin University of China in 1985, and graduated from Ma school in 1991. It has been the editor of the school journal of Renmin University of China, the editor of the management world magazine of the State Council Development Research Center, the director of the Beijing Market Economy Research Institute, the manager of the Youth Education Bookstore of Beijing Youth Politics College, the vice president of the female monthly magazine, the Executive chairman of the Beijing Black Steed newspaper publishing company, the chief planner of the Mamy Poko magazine, the executive, and the Beijing music friend, darling Technology The vice president of the company, the editor of the music friend website, the managing director of the Beijing year China Ji Li Culture and Art Co., Ltd., the website CEO of the red horse media NEWSBOY, the Beijing dealer in Japan, the general manager of the general red group, the general manager of the Beijing company of the general red group, the Women of China magazine of the National Women's Federation, the operation director of the family of the Jiangxi publishing group and the Ministry of health of the Ministry of health, and the miscellaneous medical world. Editor in chief.左一:互联在线总经理周明 右一:郑成武教授

Left one: Zhou Mingyou, general manager of interconnected online: Professor Zheng Chengwu.

Professor Zheng Chengwu has published a series of articles on crisis management and media response in the Journal of China Administration, and has been widely used in the course of crisis management and media response to the Tarim oil field, Minzu University of China, the Ministry of education, the Capital Normal University, the Party School of the Sichuan provincial Party committee, Yanshan University, the Guangxi SASAC and hundreds of private enterprises all over the country. Commentary, becoming a key course of EMBA teaching in Peking University private economy school.