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Internet online won the talent practice base of Peking University Private Economy Research Institute.

The Private Economy Research Institute of Peking University has concentrated a group of scholars with profound attainments represented by Professor Li Yining, and has a number of interdisciplinary and interdisciplinary backbone academics in Beijing University to undertake research tasks. The Institute maintains a regular working relationship with the National Federation of industry and Commerce and the private enterprise management institutions of various government departments. The Institute also invites well-known scholars at home and abroad and famous private entrepreneurs as invited researchers or advisers.

Dean: Li Yining

Vice President: Dan Zhongdong (Executive) Yang Ganglintao, Meng Xiaosu (Part Two).

The Council: Li Yining (director) Liang Lifeng (deputy director) Dan Zhongdong (deputy director)

Guo Minghua, Huang Pengxu, Zhao Yaohui and Shao Jingchun

Assistant dean: Xing Zhiqing

Assistant to the president: Liu Wei Cui Wei

Leather office: Wei (director)

Research Department: Liu Wei (director)

Department of public relations: Yan Yuanyuan (director)

Department of external cooperation: Cui Wei (director) Yan Kaixu (deputy director)

Development Department: Wang Bingguo (director)

Consultancy Center: Li Jun (director)

Brand Strategy Research Institute: Zheng Yuliang (director) Lin Tao (deputy director).

Capital Research Center: Yang Gang (and director)

The Institute for the development of the West: Yu Zhong Da (director of the Institute)

Human Capital Research Institute: Yan Fengping (director) Lei Haibo (Executive Director) Ye Jun (deputy director).

Central African and Portuguese speaking countries, private trade and Investment Research Institute: Ma Zhida (director) Lin Tao (deputy director).

Corporate Coach Research Center: Zhou Dayan (director) Cui Wei (deputy director)

Center for leadership research: Cui Wei (Executive Director) Yang Sizhuo (deputy director)

Management capability evaluation center: Hao Xinjun (director) Wu Yijun (Executive Director) Ma Ying (deputy director).

Family business research center: Xing Zhiqing (director).

Institute of regional economy and enterprise management: Zhao Xiaozhe (director)

Business School Research Center: Lai Weimin (director) Zhang Weizhi (Executive Director).

Real estate research center: Meng Xiaosu (director) Li Junwei (deputy director).

Institute of Industrial Economics: Yin Xiaojun (executive director Zhang Xiujuan (deputy director)

Strategic Communication Research Center: Chen Sanjun (director)

Center for cultural research and Investment: rahsung (director)

The Advisory Committee of the president is the following.

Bao Yujun (president of the China Private Economy Research Society)

Yao Jingyuan (the chief economist of the National Bureau of Statistics)

Shen Jianguo (vice president of the National Federation of industry and Commerce)

Ren Zhengxiao (deputy director of the State Food Bureau)

Hong Xiaoyuan (general manager of China Merchants' banking group)

Han Qing (deputy director of the CCTV economic channel)

Chen Yongjie (director of the National Institute for Industry and Commerce)

Wang Yusuo (Chairman of the board of the new Olympic group)

Wang Lifen (CCTV producer)

Wang Licheng (Chairman of the board of directors of HOLLEY group)

Feng Jun (president of Huaqi Group)

Lin Wenqiao (Chairman of Fujian far Tai Group)

Xu Lianjie (president of Fujian Heng An Group Co., Ltd.)

Mao Lixiang (Chairman of FOTILE group)

Zhang Zhixiang (Chairman of Jianlong iron and Steel Group)

Sun Dawu (Hebei Dawu farming group chairman)

Hong Zhaoyi (Fujian Qipai group general manager)

Xu Gang (Chairman of the Shanghai Maple Automobile Group)

Regional consultative committee of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, President:

Chairman of Hongkong area: Hon Kenneth ting (Chairman of Hongkong Industry Association)

Pan Hantang, director general of Taiwan area, chairman of the Asia Pacific Federation of trade unions, chairman and chairman of Han business group.


Internet online won the talent test base of Peking University Private Economy Research Institute.


Dr. Shang Guofen is authorized for the online issue of talent practice base, right one: Dr. Shang Guofen; middle: Internet general manager Zhou Ming; left one: Director of the Zheng Zhijun International Business Department


Peking University Internet technology and application personnel practice base and curriculum research group members.