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Interconnected online high and middle level participated in HSBC's capital operation class.

The Peking University HSBC School of Commerce (formerly the Shenzhen Business School of Peking University) was founded in 2004. It is a college of teaching, research and social services. The vice president of Peking University is the dean of the professor Hai Wen. In August 30, 2008, HSBC donated 150 million RMB to the Peking University to support the construction of the world's first class business school, and the "Peking University Shenzhen Business School" was officially named "Peking University HSBC Business School". The unveiling ceremony was held in October 22nd of the same year.

Course income

- win in business model running in capital operation

Are you a person who wants to know the business direction? Are you thinking about where to invest the company's resources? That's great. What we have done is to give you the idea of "business direction" -- business mode.

What is the first priority of enterprise development? This is the most important problem for every entrepreneur. In today's business mode, it is the most important task for enterprises and entrepreneurs to build the trading structure of stakeholders.

To help entrepreneurs and investors grafted, reduce the cost of docking between industrial capital and financial capital, help companies find the most suitable investors, and help investors look for enterprises with investment value and high growth.

Diversification of cooperation and communication platform, students learn and share their own successful experience, not only to realize the continuous update of knowledge, and to enhance the relationship between people, and become a member of the high-end interpersonal network of the Alumni Association of Peking University.

Teachers' lineup

Academics: experts and scholars from Peking University, Tsinghua University and National Economic Research Institute.

Leading guidance:

The famous economist, Professor Hai Wen, vice president of Peking University, Peking University HSBC School of business

Professor Fang Gang, a famous economist and director of the National Economic Research Institute, is a full-time professor at Peking University HSBC business school, v.

Wei Wei, associate professor, founder of Chinese business model theory, vice president of HSBC business school, Peking University.

The leader says:

Dr. Wei Wei, associate professor, vice president of HSBC business school, Peking University.

Dr. Zhu Wuxiang, professor and doctoral supervisor, an adjunct professor at HSBC business school, Peking University.

Dr. Long Junsheng, associate professor, part-time professor of HSBC business school, Peking University.

Dr. Dai Tianyu, associate professor, director of management system design center of Tsinghua Shenzhen graduate school.

Dr. Cao Wenlian, deputy director, Department of Finance and finance, national development and Reform Commission.

Dr. Jin Yanshi, associate professor, chief economist of state securities.

Capitals: international venture capital, financial institutions, domestic banks, securities and other investment experts.

Chen Wei, Shenzhen Dongfang Fuhai venture capital business partner, Shenzhen Oriental Fuhai Cci Capital Ltd chairman.

Executive director of Li Deming XI International Group, CEO of Asia Pacific region, Millennium information consulting company.

Gong Fangxiong, Morgan, director general, research director and chief economist of Datong China.

Jin Haitao, chairman of Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group Co., Ltd., President of Shenzhen Venture Capital Association.

Li Wei, chairman of Shenzhen Hong Kong industry university research and venture capital company, vice president of Shenzhen Venture Capital Association and vice chairman of angel investment club.

Xiong Xiaoge, IDG senior vice president and chief executive officer of Asia, vice president of IDG technology venture capital fund.


Chen Wei, chairman of Shenzhen Oriental Fuhai Cci Capital Ltd, vice president of China SME Association.

Chairman of Luo Fei song ho Capital Management Co., Ltd.

CDH Cci Capital Ltd chairman Wu ShangzhiThe first class is military development training:宿舍合影

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Military expansion of HSBC School of Commerce


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