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Internet-connected online high-level learning media to Focus Media Tam Zhi

Focus Media, China's leading digital media group, was founded in 2003. The product line covers commercial building video media, store terminal video media, apartment elevator media (frame media), outdoor large-scale LED color screen media, and cinema line advertising media. Wait for multiple media networks that target feature audiences and that can be integrated with each other.


Focus Media has covered more than 300 million urban mainstream groups in China. Its original business model and the media's gregariousness and vividness have won high recognition from the industry. In July 2005, Focus Media successfully landed on the Nasdaq in the United States, becoming the first Chinese-only advertising media listed overseas, and created an IPO record at the time with a fundraising amount of US$172 million. On December 24, 2007, Focus Media was officially included in the Nasdaq 100 Index and became the first Chinese advertising media stock to be included in the Nasdaq 100 Index.


At present, Focus Media operates a media network covering more than 100 cities and 100,000 terminal locations. It covers more than 300 million urban mainstream consumer groups and has become one of the most mainstream media platforms in China’s cities. Many advertisers agree with it.


The left one: Focus Media CEO Tan Zhi Right one: Internet general manager Zhou Ming