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Connected Online became a member of the Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Association

Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Association (English name: ShenZhen Electronic Commerce Association. English abbreviation SZECA) is applied by some enterprises engaged in business operations in the field of electronic commerce in Shenzhen, and approved by Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau and Shenzhen Civil Society Organization Authority. The national community organizations whose business activities are guided by the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau and supervised and managed by the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Society Authority. The Association submitted an application to Shenzhen Municipal Civil Society Administration in August 2006 and formally approved the application in April 2008.


The purpose of the association: to abide by the Constitution, laws, and regulations of the People's Republic of China; to implement the relevant national guidelines and policies; to abide by social morality; to strive to serve the government, serve members, and serve the society under the guidance of building socialism with Chinese characteristics; Work in accordance with the principles of "justice, solidarity, and service"; play a link and bridge between government management departments and enterprises and institutions engaged in e-commerce, between enterprises and enterprises, and between enterprises and individuals, and modernize marketization. The operation promotes and leads the development of the e-commerce industry in Shenzhen and even in China.