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Internet Exhibition Online China Merchants Network Trade Fair

December 17-19, 2010, sponsored by China Internet Association and Shenzhen Longgang District Government, organized by Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association, Shenzhen Netcom Investment Management Co., Ltd., and South China International Industrial Raw Material City (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. "China Netcom Trade Fair 2010" was grandly held in South China City, Shenzhen. This also means that South China's first "net trader net trade fair" kicked off in Shenzhen. On the opening day, Gao Lulin, deputy chairman of the China Internet Association, and Yao Yabo, president of the Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association, attended the opening ceremony.


Gao Lulin, Vice Chairman of China Internet Association, addressed the opening ceremony

This time, the net trader of net traders will have a scale of nearly 40,000 square meters, with nearly 1,000 booths. The contents are in the area of consumer goods that are currently popular in Internet e-commerce transactions. They mainly include: consumer electronics zone, clothing brand zone, household goods zone, and technology. Gift area, e-commerce store area five categories of theme exhibition area.


The theme of the conference is "Innovation Exhibition and On-Site Marketing", which provides a platform for communication and interaction between network operators and traditional manufacturers and traders. The network operators will have rich experience in network operations and quality assurance and pricing of manufacturers. The advantages are fully integrated to create a new type of Internet e-commerce product transaction conference that integrates platform promotion, product display, on-site online transactions, and cooperation and exchange.


Leaders attending the opening ceremony cut the ribbon

Among the exhibitors, besides well-known companies such as Baidu, Huihai, China First Black Shop, Interconnect Online, Chinaren Online, Huixin Technology, Jiaying Information, and Pat, etc., they also attracted Peng Huan Technology, South China City Network, and Internet Business Network. , Jinjinzhong Network, Xinhangtong, Merrill Lynch, Shanren Information, Wulian World, Ocean Data, Original Science and Technology, Kangwang Group,, and nearly a thousand network operators.


In addition, the conference also has 10 theme forums for the purpose of communicating with people who like e-commerce. At present, China's Internet industry and e-commerce applications are developing rapidly. The electronic information industry chain is increasingly perfect. The road of e-commerce for SMEs has become an objective requirement and an inevitable choice. It has become a challenge to globalization, has won the advantages of global resource allocation, and improved its international competitiveness. Effective means.


Internet e-commerce has been developing in China for 12 years. Everyone has also begun to be used by netizens, netizens, and online merchants. E-commerce buying groups have shifted from non-mainstream to mainstream. E-commerce has also changed people’s lives and consumption. habit. Although the netizen network cargo conference was first launched by the domestic e-commerce giant Alibaba in Hangzhou, more than 300 traditional SMEs participated in the first South China Netcom Netcom Conference, and the IT giants Microsoft and Baidu also unveiled. What everybody sees is the thriving scene of Shenzhen e-commerce. As a result, the conference was successfully held in South China City, Shenzhen.参加开幕式的领导嘉宾合影

Left: Zhao Jincheng, General Manager of Net Merchant Net Goods, Secretary General of Shenzhen Internet Association; Zuo Biao: Yu Yabo, Director of Net Merchant Shipment, President of Shenzhen Internet Society, Chairman of Jiuqu Group; Right I: Zhou Ming, Supervisor of Goods, Vice President of Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association, General Manager of Interconnection Online; Right 2: Feng Nianwen, Director of Shenzhen Market Supervision Bureau