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Internet Exhibition on the First China Internet Expo

On June 26, the "2009 China Internet Trade and Investment Expo" sponsored by the China Internet Association, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology and the People's Government of Futian District, Shenzhen held the opening ceremony at the Convention and Exhibition Center at 9:30 a.m.


According to the introduction of the main committee, the Internet Expo is the most abundant and most complete type of Chinese Internet product trading platform, integrating product display, high-level forums, results trading, project investment, and cooperation and exchange. This conference is not only the first large-scale online trade expo held in China, but also the city card of the Shenzhen government following the High-tech Fair and the Wenbo Fair.


This year's Expo attracted many IT and traditional enterprises, including international well-known Internet companies such as Tencent, Thunder, and Wanwang. There are also 131 new game and entertainment portals and South China e-commerce companies. Nearly 300 companies such as the Group participated.互联在线参展首届中国网博会

This "China Internet Expo" aims at "recruiting industrial resources, winning mutual benefits and bringing together great wealth" and is committed to creating perspectives on industry trends, drawing on the company's operating experience, stimulating capital market cooperation, and identifying technological innovation trends. , Control market operation pulse, promote industry strong brand, innovate marketing enterprise service, expand business partner's Internet upstream and downstream industrial chain integration platform, and revitalize “China Internet Industry First Exhibition” including ordinary Internet users, grassroots webmasters and other Chinese Internet resources. Promote the rapid, sustained and healthy development of China's Internet industry.