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Connected Online Senior Executives Join Caizhi Winners to Learn

Shenzhen Caizhi Win Management Consulting Co., Ltd. is a professional platform dedicated to providing high-end business services for entrepreneurs and presidents. Its associated companies include Shanghai Feierlin Photography Co., Ltd., Shanghai Huangyu Modern Enterprise Management Research Center, and Wharton. Strategic consulting company. The company's main business is "President Club" and training consulting business. It is a domestic first-class consulting and training institution that integrates business management diagnosis, consultation, and sales of high-end training courses.


As a professional business service operation company that only targets high-end customers in China, Caizhi Winner Consulting Co., Ltd. has created a series of records of domestic training consulting industry.互联在线中高层参加财智赢家学习

A total of 5 people in the online senior middle school attend the financial year winner's full year course study


Left one: Zhou Ming, general manager of the Internet