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Connected Online to Participate in the 2009 China Internet Conference

The 2010 China Internet Conference will focus on the important spirit of "expanding domestic demand, promoting growth, adjusting the structure, and benefiting people's livelihood" proposed by the State Council under the current macro-environment. The scientific concept of development will be taken as the fundamental principle and guiding ideology of the conference.


This year's conference will also focus on the theme and advocate the emphasis on responsibility, promote harmony, and create a more integrated and sustainable development of the Internet. Through the large-scale activities of “Finding the value and potential of the Internet in China”, we emphasized that we should pay more attention to the value and potential of services and products, and hope to promote the industry to provide better services and gain more value in continuous innovation. Looking for new growth drivers and opportunities, boosting the confidence of the Internet industry, stimulating the potential of the entire industry and creating a global Internet of influence in China.互联在线参展2009年中国互联网大会