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The first batch of Internet connected to Futian International E-commerce Industrial Park Technology Building

Futian International E-Commerce Industrial Park is a key project of the “CBD High-end Industry Belt” in Futian District and an important carrier of Futian's modern service industry. It is Futian District Government’s response to Shenzhen’s creation of the first national e-commerce demonstration city and implementation of Shenzhen City. The important measures for the creation of the “National E-commerce Model City Work Program” were provided by the Futian District Government with strong promotion and policy support.


The Futian International E-Commerce Industrial Park is under the guidance of the Futian District Government and is supported by professional parks. In the 11th Shenzhen (International) Hi-Tech Fair in 2009, the Futian District Government awarded the brand and officially opened the park. The Connected Online is the first batch of companies to enter.


The second right: Yao Yabo, President of Shenzhen Internet Association; Right: Zhou Ming, Executive Vice President and Secretary of the Party Branch of Shenzhen Internet Society


Futian International E-Commerce Industrial Zone was upgraded from the “Dolly Industrial Zone” located in Meilin, Futian. The park covers a total area of 22,000 square meters and a total construction area of 76,000 square meters. It consists of a newly built main building of science and technology, two upgraded science and technology 2#, 3# buildings, and an entrepreneurial building. The park enjoys a beautiful environment with more than 5,000 square meters of leisure-style squares, spacious residential roads, and more than 420 parking spaces. The park property is carefully managed and provided by Shenzhen Minghua Property Management Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fuzhongda Company.


Dorry Technology Building is the first phase of the Futian International E-Commerce Park. The building was built and operated by Fuzhongda Company with an investment of RMB 110 million. It was completed in August 2009 and has a total construction area of 38,000 square meters. It is a 12-storey building with nearly 10,000 square meters of underground parking. The Science and Technology Building is designed and constructed according to modern standards. It is equipped with an advanced optical fiber communication network, complete facilities and elegant environment.