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Internet Wins Outstanding Shenzhen Internet Company

The Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association was jointly initiated by more than 200 well-known Internet companies in Shenzhen. The purpose is to better unite Internet companies, Internet practitioners, and investors to form a win-win alliance for Internet companies and to complement each other's resources to build the Shenzhen Internet. The capital of innovation, together to create a good environment for the development of a good Internet innovation, promote the active and rapid development of the Internet industry. The association is guided by the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology and the Bureau of Community Registration and Administration of Non-governmental Organizations of the People's Republic of China. The purpose of the association is to safeguard the overall interests of Internet companies, coordinate communication and communication with government authorities, improve the application level and service quality of Internet technology, popularize network knowledge, provide Internet high-tech products for enterprises and institutions, and promote the application of Internet industry technology. The development of the Internet has played an active role in promoting the social, economic and cultural development of the Internet industry and the building of socialist spiritual civilization.