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Interconnection Online Participates in the First Member Congress of the Internet Industry Association

The first member congress of the Internet Participation Internet Industry Association was successfully held on January 7, 2008. To clarify the establishment of the Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association, 28 representatives from 30 sponsors of the Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association participated in the conference. Meeting. The meeting also invited the guests of seven supervisors and supporters from the Shenzhen South Private Technology Research Institute Zhou Wanxiong, the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Non-governmental Organizations Zhang Jing, and the Director of Shenzhen Technology and Information Bureau Su Jianjun to attend the meeting. The meeting was held on January 7, 2008 at the Shenzhen Huaqiang North Grand Hotel. The meeting was presided over by Comrade Zhao Jincheng. Comrade Lu Yabo and Comrade Zhou Ming were the subject reports of the relevant conference. The delegates passed more than two hours of serious discussion and research, and finally voted in full as follows:


The first council was elected through the constitution of the association, and the chairman, vice chairman and secretary general were elected. The council is mainly composed of 30 sponsoring units such as and Internet. The main leaders are composed of President Yan Yabo, Secretary-General Zhao Jincheng, and Executive Vice President Zhou Ming.


Number one in the left, fifth in the row: Zhou Ming, general manager of the Internet, served as executive vice president, sixth in the first row from the left: Chairman Jiu Yabo of Jiuqu, served as chairman of the association.