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Interconnection Online Co-founded Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association

On January 18, 2008, the Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association (referred to as the Shenzhen Internet Association) was announced in Shenzhen. More than 350 government officials, investors, Internet company executives and employees attended the inauguration ceremony. The meeting was presided over by Zhao Jincheng, Secretary-General of Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association. Zhou Wanxiong, President of Shenzhen Nanfang Private Technology Research Institute, Mr. Yan Yabo, President of Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association, and Chairman of the Association attended the inaugural meeting. There are nearly 2,600 internet industry and supporting enterprises in Shenzhen with an output value of 7 billion yuan and 150,000 employees. It is one of the fastest-growing regions in China's Internet industry. Now it has bred birth to, Thunder, and Internet companies.


Shenzhen Ya-Bo, President of the Internet Technology Application Association of Shenzhen, said that the Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association was jointly initiated by more than 200 well-known Internet companies in Shenzhen. The purpose is to better unite Internet companies, Internet practitioners, and investors to form the Internet. A win-win situation in the enterprise alliance and complementary resources will jointly create a favorable environment for the development of a good Internet innovation and promote the active and rapid development of the Internet industry. The purpose of the association is to safeguard the overall interests of Internet companies, coordinate communication and communication with government authorities, improve the application of Internet technology and service quality, and popularize network knowledge, and provide Internet high-tech products for enterprises and institutions.


Association Introduction


The purpose of the Association is to abide by the national constitution, laws and regulations and to abide by social morality; to unite relevant agencies, enterprises, institutions and academic organizations in the Internet industry in the province, to formulate contracts and regulations for internal organizations, and to safeguard the overall interest of the industry, and to achieve Self-discipline in the industry; coordination of communication and communication between industry and government authorities; promotion of national policies, laws and regulations; improvement of the application level and service quality of Internet technology in our province; protection of national interests, legitimate rights and interests of users and user interests; Users access the Internet healthily; externally represent our province's Internet community to participate in domestic and international exchanges and research on relevant technical standards; promote the healthy and orderly and rapid development of the Internet industry in our province; give play to the social, economic, cultural development and socialist spirit of the province for the Internet The active promotion of civilization construction.