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Interconnection Online Co-sponsored the establishment of the Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Association

The Shenzhen Electronic Commerce Association (English name: ShenZhen Electronic Commerce Association. English abbreviation SZECA) is applied by some enterprises engaged in business operations in the field of electronic commerce in Shenzhen and approved by the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau and Shenzhen Municipal Civil Society Organization Authority. The civil society organizations, their business activities are guided by the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau and supervised and managed by the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Society Authority. The Association submitted an application to Shenzhen Municipal Civil Society Administration in August 2006 and formally approved the application in April 2008. It was formally established in August 2008.


In May of the year, the association had internal conflicts due to management and economic reasons. In November 2009, the Association’s interim administrator misappropriated the “South China E-commerce” magazine created by others and misappropriated the publication “China Style” magazine, a famous Shenzhen writer and former chief editor of Xinhua News, for illegal publication and profit-making. , by the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Society Administration to withdraw. So far the association has split and has been tracked and reported by a number of media. It has become a typical example of the purely private nature and profit-making purpose of the national civil society organizations.


From 2010 till now, although the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Society Administration has helped many times in education, the fact that the “association” is private and the purpose of making profits has not changed. In accordance with the laws of the People's Republic of China, Shenzhen E-Commerce Association, a company that engages in electronic commerce-related businesses in Shenzhen for voluntary participation, should be a non-profit organization. The following are the e-commerce companies that initiated the establishment of the original association. The heads of the association, including Xiang Yu and Wang Jichun, and the secretary-general of the association, Su Yongyi, jointly formulated the original purpose and articles of association.