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Sponsored the China Internet Summit Forum and the First National Channel Alliance Conference

The China Internet Summit Forum and the First National Channel Alliance Conference will be held on May 15-16, 2008 at the Silver Lake Resort in Shenzhen. On behalf of the organizing committee of the conference, we would like to invite the Connected Online to become a special guest of the conference. All the agendas of the conference, this conference focuses on the development trend of the Internet and the development of new products and new markets. The conference is dedicated to bringing together the best products and the best agents in the country. There will be more than 1,000 Internet companies from all regions in the country. Nearly 2,000 people participated in the conference, which is both an exchange of management experience and a channel exclusive meeting for the development of product cooperation. It also issued the “2008 National Channel Alliance Conference Expert Advisory Group Expert Certificate” to special guests who received invitation letters. Photographs will be taken at the location designated by the convention.


The current Internet industry has been highly subdivided and expanded into a large industry that is highly integrated with all walks of life. Upstream and downstream companies in the industry have formed a very large network of commercial cooperation rooted in local and industrial markets, so the value of agents has become increasingly prominent. This session of the China Internet Summit focused on the operation and development of Internet and Internet-related services and products, and communicated on practical issues such as investment, application, operation, agency, and promotion. At the same time, they exchanged channels to share experience and explore the Internet channel market. The way to expand. Summarized the best way of current channel construction, and the optimal overall construction mode of channel providers.


Zhou Ming, General Manager of Connected China, interviewed by the media

The Summit also organized the “2008 China Internet Innovation Funding Summit” in response to the current hot topic of Internet VC investment. It deeply analyzed the current status and profitability of current Internet investments, and discussed how Internet companies can raise funds to become the current China. A major highlight of the Internet Summit has attracted a lot of popularity. This sub-forum was co-sponsored by China Merchants Investment Network Co., Ltd. and Xianze Investment Co., Ltd. in collaboration with the China International Media Alliance Network. At the meeting, the Secretary-General of the Guangdong Hi-Tech Industries Chamber of Commerce Wang Lie-Zong delivered a speech on the Innovation Financing Forum. A team of experts from the China Investment Promotion Research Association Zhang Liangming and the Guangdong High-tech Industry Chamber of Commerce, South China University Venture Capital Research Center, Shenzhen Tianrong Investment Co., Ltd., IDG and other famous VCs participated in the Internet Investment Forum to discuss how Internet companies can innovate. Financing and efficient capital matching; Internet companies access to the main conditions for risk financing, methods and ways; technology companies how to obtain foreign capital; Internet companies how to seize the opportunity of the GEM; the Internet industry in the eyes of well-known VC enthusiastic discussion.