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Zhou Ming, General Manager of Internet Connect, was appointed Deputy Secretary-General of Southern Private Research Inst

Shenzhen Nanfang Private-Technology Research Institute is a non-profit scientific research institution that operates and receives management in accordance with the document issued by the State Council General Office of the State Council on the issue of “2000”78 document. It follows the services of the Ministry of Science and Technology and the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Science, Technology and Information. Guidance, mainly in the southern region to carry out private science and technology related research work for all levels of government and business services.


The main feature of Shenzhen Nanfang Private Technology Research Institute is to serve the government departments and technology companies. The research institute is headed by Comrade Yu Weidong, researcher of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee Research Office, former deputy director, head of the science and education group, and secretary of the Party Committee. A group of experts who have long been engaged in the research on China's science and technology policy advocated the establishment of the institute. Its main advantage lies in the leadership of its powerful think-tank expert. The team carried out theoretical research work and gave full play to the advantages of expert resources. Facilitate the development of high-end theoretical research and long-term participation in ministries' research. Through extensive and continuous investigations into science and technology parks, enterprise parks, and technology companies, we know the true situation and actual needs of science and technology parks, enterprise parks, and technology companies, and have a significant effect in participating in and assisting government agencies in policy consulting and service technology companies.

互联在线总经理周明聘任为南方民营研究院副秘书长 互联在线总经理周明聘任为南方民营研究院副秘书长1