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Interconnect Online Wins the Second Basketball Championship of Shenzhen Internet Company

July 20th, 2008 is a day worth celebrating. After the efforts of all my colleagues, we finally managed to win the championship of the 2nd Basketball Cup of Shenzhen Internet - NO.1


A total of 16 teams were selected in this competition to perform the most brutal knockouts, which means that each game will decide whether a team advances or leaves, so everyone sends the strongest team to deal with it. This time we also sent a powerful cheering team, wireless wheat, high-power audio, big gongs and drums, flags everywhere, the audience the most fierce refueling sound "Come on! ... the strongest ... ... the best in China “Our two colleagues played the leading role of the cheerleading team. Every attack and every rebound, they led everyone to cheer with the waves and brought boundless warriors to the floor. Passion and strength---"Connecting China, fueling, interconnecting China, winning!"


The soldiers in the game steal again and again, blocking blocks again and again, scoring again and again; the rebounds are active, perfect and smooth, do not give up without hesitation, conquered the game with absolute advantage, and won the opponent’s Respect.


Our enthusiasm infects all the viewers and players. The passion of the Internet is burning and we wait for victory. Our Warriors prove that we are not only elites in the IT industry. We can also ride in any field. We With love for life and love for the cause, we will use our passion and strength to prove that the Connected China is the best. Everyone in the interconnected China is the strongest!





Field colleagues danced on the court - DISCO