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Internet Leaders Participate in the Annual Meeting of Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association

On the afternoon of December 26, 2008, the annual meeting of Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association was held in the Golden Diamond Hall on the 5th floor of Qianghu Lo Wu Store, Tianan International Building, Renmin South Road.


The annual meeting was presided over by Zhao Jincheng, the secretary-general of the association. First, the president of the association, Ayabo, made a report on the work of the association in 2008 and looked forward to the work of the association in 2009. And preached, "In the financial storm swept across the world, China's Internet companies are also affected. At this time, Internet companies should remain rational and calm. The crisis has always been a combination of 'dangerous' and 'opportunity'. The government can be caused by the crisis. Resources are consolidated and reforms are promoted; companies can accelerate industrial upgrading and enhance their competitiveness."


Zhou Ming, executive deputy director of the conference, made a report on the work of the association to establish a portal for the Internet industry. Zhou Quan said that Shenzhen Internet Technology Application Association is also willing to take more responsibility for the development of China’s Internet, in order to further promote the healthy development of China’s Internet industry and Internet companies, solve the problems of orders, funds, technology, and talents, and promote Internet companies Effective communication, for the Internet companies to build a more direct, convenient and reliable docking platform, in the most concentrated time to find their own core needs, to achieve a breakthrough in development; Association has already put into action to prepare for large-scale Warm winter Expo. ”


The Dean of the Shenzhen Nanfang Private Technology Research Institute made a work report on the establishment of the Internet Intellectual Property Committee jointly by the association and relevant government departments.


Then Guo Jianwu, vice chairman of the association, made a simple analysis of the impact of the Internet industry at this stage of the financial crisis.


At the meeting, Zhang Xinliang, director of the association’s main committee, said: “The advent of the financial crisis has surely enabled many industries to enter the winter, but we think this is not necessarily an opportunity to change the traditional model. If we can make more use of the network Advantages to reduce various operating costs, then it will drive the Internet industry to develop in a good direction. In the winter, some creatures will be frozen to death, but it is a paradise for other creatures. Opportunities are still there, but only left to have Prepared company."


Zhang Xinliang reported on the program and work progress of the 2009 China Internet Trade and Investment Expo in Shenzhen; and revealed at the meeting that the association will be in transition from May 22 to 24, 2009 for the financial crisis. The Internet entrepreneurs held an expo, the "2009 China Internet Trade and Investment Expo," and it is learned that this will be held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.


The Association is based on the current industry dilemmas of enterprises and industry elites: "There are few orders, lack of funds, and difficulties in doing business". In particular, this expo focuses on the three major themes of "transaction o investment and talent" and "expanding transactions o promoting investment o optimizing talents. The core concept is to analyze the problems in the development of China's Internet industry, and jointly discuss how to promote the rapid and healthy development of the industry; to promote the innovation and development of Internet companies, to solve the bottleneck of capital and technology, and to expand the employment channels for Internet practitioners. Promote positive development of social harmony and make positive contributions. By then, the elite meeting, strong dialogue, high-level guests, insightful views, practical topics, and a grand awards dinner will make the “2009 China Internet Trade and Investment Expo” a domestic festival in 2009. The most powerful gesture continues to lead the healthy development of Chinese Internet companies.


At the same time, in order to further promote the healthy development of the Internet in China, Jiahe has outstanding enterprises with outstanding performance in the Internet. The Association has launched the “2008 Excellent Internet Company” selection activity. President Yan Yabo awarded awards to outstanding companies.


In the end, each member unit issued some suggestions and opinions from each. And expressed confidence that the association will be bigger and broader!


The feast of ideas, the gathering of wisdom, and the success of Shenzhen Internet companies, will join hands in creating brilliant achievements in the new year!