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2007 Internet Innovation Leader International Forum

On March 21, the "2007 Internet Innovation Leader International Forum" was held in Beijing. The convening of the International Innovation Forum has created an international communication platform for Internet users at home and abroad. At the conference venue, the veteran of the Internet entrepreneurship of the domestic industry made its debut at the same time. The elites of the industry, celebrities on the Internet, and famous experts and scholars gathered together. Shenzhen Internet Online participated in the forum as a cutting-edge Internet entrepreneur.

According to the official website of the forum, the forum has a two-day agenda, including the plenary session this morning, the venture capital hot spot in the afternoon and the China Internet Innovation and Development Forum, and there will be four sub-forums tomorrow, including a community and dating forum. , e-commerce development trend forum, search engine development forum and new media innovation forum. The focus of the Forum's on-site conversations centered on the Internet's innovation, development, change, and fusion. They discussed in depth the opportunities for future development, and people truly experienced continuous innovation to lead the industry.


Innovation is the eternal theme of the Internet. Today, the innovation of the Internet is not only the innovation of new technologies, but also the innovation of concept technologies, product applications and business models. The first generation of Internet applications is in the ascendant, and a new generation of Internet applications represented by Web2.0 is gaining momentum. The experts pointed out that the arrival of the WEB2.0 era has given rise to the emergence of new online media such as blogs, communities, and online videos. These emerging media have become the focus of attention and have become the fastest growing and most promising potential in the Internet industry. part.


A large number of new types of websites have risen to create an investment chase. At the meeting, the investment community pointed out that in 2006, venture capital for the Chinese mainland reached 14.196 billion U.S. dollars, indicating the confidence of venture capital institutions in the Chinese market, which laid a solid capital foundation for Internet entrepreneurship. In addition, after organizing the "2007 International Venture Capital Hotspots and China Internet Innovation and Development" forum this afternoon, the organizing committee specially arranged the exhibition of entrepreneurial projects and free negotiation to establish a direct communication bridge between investors and entrepreneurs. It can be seen from here that, with the development of Web 2.0 innovation, Internet entrepreneurship has now entered a new era of prosperity.


People in the industry believe that due to the promotion of new technologies and new models and the continuous rise of successive generations of Internet entrepreneurs, this makes the Chinese information industry extremely active and presents a broad prospect for development. This will have a comprehensive and profound impact on the development of the Chinese economy and society. This forum is the highest specification and most internationalized Internet innovation conference held in China's Internet field at present, which will play a good role in promoting the healthy development of the industry.