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Internet Joins Shenzhen to Promise Enterprise Alliance Unit


SZEEA (Shenzhen Enterprise Evaluation Association) was established in 1992 with the approval of the municipal government to establish a special organization for evaluation of enterprises. The aim of the association is to: Evaluate the company fairly, objectively, rigorously and scientifically, and display the image of the Shenzhen enterprise at home and abroad. The main task of the association is to assist companies in the evaluation and research of the company's comprehensive strength, production scale, business conditions, economic benefits, growth potential, corporate reputation, brand awareness, and industrial development trends, based on government directives and intentions. Continuously improve the level of operation and management, communicate the links between the government and the company, and provide the government with more decision-making advice on the macro-control of the enterprise and implementation of declining industrial decentralization. The Shenzhen Enterprise Evaluation Association accepts the business guidance and supervision of the municipal government non-government organization authority. The past presidents were: Comrade Zhu Yuening, Comrade Li Decheng, and Comrade Zhan Lanfang. Comrade Chen Yulin now serves as the president. The daily work is organized and implemented by the secretariat of the Association Standing Committee. The secretariat of the association consists of the financial department, the comprehensive coordination department, the evaluation and research center, the member service department, the training department, the business development department, and the legal consulting department. The association brings together authoritative department leaders, renowned experts and scholars as evaluation consultants and researchers, and employs a group of professionals engaged in data collection, organization, analysis, evaluation and editing, as well as professional research, consulting, and services for enterprises. Team. The association conducts regular surveys and evaluations of various types of enterprises in Shenzhen each year, and compiles them into volumes based on the evaluation results, and submits research reports, research reports and evaluation results to relevant government departments in a timely manner. Since its inception, the association has organized company personnel to conduct inspections and trainings at home and abroad. It has successively carried out quality commitment, integrity (brand) activities, Shenzhen brand strategy and brand research, the most growth-oriented enterprise research, and the industry's top ten selection activities. , The most respected company selection activities, honest enterprise selection activities, the most talented growth value enterprises selection activities.