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Connected Online to Participate in the 2006 China Internet Summit

Theme: internet2.0 - A New Wave of Innovation and Network Changes


Time: September 22, 2006 09:00-18:00


Scale: 1,200 people


Sections: Market Structure and Industry Trends Forum, New Technology and New Business Forum, Management and Operational Innovation Forum, Professional Vertical and Industry Website Development Forum, Local and Personal Website Development Forum, Community Development Forum, P2P Development Forum, internet2.0 Innovation Forum , Business and Investment Forum.




In the successive sessions of the China Internet Conference, the level of attention and participation of China's Internet high-level annual meeting was very high. As one of the most important sub-venues, the conference is the highest-level annual exchange activity in China's Internet industry. With high-quality keynote speeches from the front lines of the market, industry leaders, iconic innovative companies, as well as high-quality special reports for many segments, plus the latest market data. The annual meeting of China's high-level Internet industry has a very important market guidance and industrial direction in the industry. It is an annual trend indicator for China's Internet development.




1. In 2006, how the traditional Internet industry responded to the new wave of Internet innovation, and the most prominent communities, P2P, internet2.0 and other areas are stimulating changes in the industry as a whole, which is the core issue and also the top level of the Internet in China. The core characteristics of the annual meeting are.


2. The forums are criss-crossing, and portals, e-commerce, online payment, search engines, instant messaging, online advertising, wireless entertainment, etc. are integrated into horizontal forums such as market patterns and industrial trends according to the content focus, and communities such as community, P2P, internet2.0, etc. The new hot spots that are of great concern are specially developed in the form of vertical forums.


3. A large number of internet2.0 companies with recent active performance and unknown startups will focus on this.


4. The conference intersperses professional and authoritative investigation reports across different sections. Participants have the opportunity to understand the latest developments in various market segments through data and analysis.