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Interconnect online to participate in the 2006 China Internet Conference Exhibition

The three-day "2006 China Internet Conference" was successfully concluded at the Beijing International Convention Center on September 23. This is the most authoritative, largest and highest specification industry event in the Internet field in China, attracting nearly 10,000 people. Shenzhen Connect Online Cloud Computing Co., Ltd. participated in this exhibition and introduced the company’s technical achievements to the participants.

The 2006 China Internet Conference Exhibition was also held during the same period of the three-day conference. Visitors experienced new experiences brought by new technologies and new applications on the Internet. In addition, focusing on the theme of "Innovation - Opportunities Brought by the Internet", the International Internet Summit, the China Internet Summit, the China Anti-Spam Technology Forum, the Asia Pacific Broadband Forum (ABS), the Electronic Information Management and E-Commerce Forum, More than ten forums of different themes such as China Wireless and Broadband Industry Annual Conference and 3G Application Summit, China Cyber ​​Security Forum, China Online Marketing Conference and National Agency Conference, China International Digital Content Industry Annual Conference, and China Electronic Commerce Forum also coincided Held.


At the closing ceremony on September 23, the China Internet Association formally released the “Internet Development Report of China” (2006). The Blog Research Group of the Policy Committee and Resources Working Committee of the Internet Society of China announced the 2006 China Blog Survey Report. The Innovation Work Committee, the China Internet Association Promotion and Popularization Working Committee and the “China Minors Network Engineering” Executive Committee jointly launched the “Sunshine Green Network Project” series.


The "2006 China Internet Conference" held a new direction for the development of China's Internet industry, and put forward the theme of "innovation": innovation, not just the innovation of technology and applications, but more importantly, further understanding of the characteristics of the Internet, through In-depth study of the law of Internet development and management innovation. The Internet will become a powerful driving force for promoting social and economic development and technological innovation, and it will be the locomotive for driving economic growth. It will play an increasingly important role in the process of promoting the transformation of traditional industries and realizing the leap-forward development of industrialization by using information technology. A healthy and civilized network environment is the basis and necessary condition for maintaining the sustainable, rapid and healthy development of the Internet in the future. The development of the Internet will bring opportunities for China to build an innovative country.