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Interconnect Online to Participate in 2006 China International Consumer Electronics Expo

The China International Consumer Electronics Expo (SINOCES) is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Information Industry, the Ministry of Science and Technology, and the Shandong Provincial Government. The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) serves as the overseas sponsor. The China Electronic Chamber of Commerce and the People's Government of Qingdao jointly Organized national professional international exposition.


2005 SINOCES successfully cooperated with the Consumer Electronics Show CES in the United States, greatly increasing the visibility and influence of the Expo, further consolidating the status of SINOCES in the consumer electronics industry in China and throughout Asia, and having a positive impact on the development of the global consumer electronics industry. At present, SINOCES has developed into a professional exhibition with the most industry influence and development in the field of consumer electronics in China. It is the best platform for consumer electronics companies to exchange new products, new technologies, create corporate brands and display corporate image.

2006 SINOCES will be held on July 7th, 2006 in Qingdao, China. The scale of the exhibition is expected to be 45,000 square meters. The main contents of the exhibition are the latest technologies, products and related services in the consumer electronics field. During the exhibition, more than 10 large-scale forums and professional seminars, including the International Consumer Electronics Industry Development Forum, the Consumer Electronics Technology Innovation Forum, and the International Consumer Electronics Channel Development Forum, were also held. At that time, the leaders of relevant state ministries, top management of well-known enterprises, mainstream media reporters and more than 70,000 professional visitors from home and abroad will attend the event.




People's Republic of China Ministry of Commerce 


People's Republic of China Ministry of Information Industry


Ministry of Science and Technology


Shandong Provincial People's Government




China Electronic Chamber of Commerce


Qingdao Municipal People's Government


Overseas organizers


American Consumer Electronics Association




China Mobile Communications Association


China Electronics Video Industry Association


China Mechanical and Electrical Products Import and Export Chamber of Commerce


China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation


China Exim Bank


Hong Kong Trade Development Council


Chinese Invention Association