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Internet Leaders Participate in Yu Shiwei Blue Ocean Strategy Field Class

Yu Shiwei, Ph.D. in Public Policy, University of Florida, Florida, Postdoctoral Fellow, Corporate Management, Harvard University, Postdoctoral Fellow, International Economics, University of Oxford, UK, Visiting Professor of many famous universities in the world. It is one of the most authoritative and most experienced combat training experts in China, the most popular real-time management training expert in China. He used to be Deputy General Manager of Japan Airlines Regional Division, Deputy General Manager of Meishuang Shuangsui Cosmetics Company in the US, General Manager of Taihua Land Development Corporation (Thailand), General Manager of China’s Fullerton Group, and Vice President of U.S. President and other positions. He is now the director and general manager of Shanghai Huiquan Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., general manager of the US-based Fullerton Group, chief consultant of Haiyoushi Enterprise Management Consulting Co., Ltd., and guest lecturer of the China GMC President Forum.


The online general manager and Yu Shiwei took photos